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May 02, 2014

2014 angling regulation summary booklets can be found at area vendors, local offices, and from the link found under Fishing Information on the left of this page.

Freshwater Angling Update

Situk River – The Situk River steelhead spawn has begun and fish are spread out mainly in the middle river. The river flow is very low and warm. Anglers are not having much luck in the lower river.

Dolly Varden are also abundant in isolated pockets in mid-river and above Nine Mile Bridge.

Cutthroat trout in most streams are up in the smaller spawning creeks for now and are hard to find. Post spawners should emerge into larger pools soon and start to feed on salmon fry.

Marine Angling Update

Marine angling harvest information and best times to fish can be found at the Marine Harvest Rate link in the upper right of this report.

A few halibut have been caught and more effort is starting to pick up. Halibut have moved into the normal spots along the moraine and into the opening of Monti Bay

Chinook angling has been good in Yakutat Bay waters. Some resident anglers are getting limits of 3 fish.

Chinook abundance in salt water is reportedly higher this year than ever.

All Chinook salmon must be 28 inches or larger to retain while sport angling.
Resident anglers can retain 3 Chinook salmon per day in 2014.
Nonresident anglers can retain 1 Chinook salmon per day in 2014, except that in May and June Nonresident anglers can retain 2 Chinook salmon per day. Non-resident anglers have a yearly limit of 6 Chinook salmon in 2014 and all harvested Chinook salmon must be marked down on your harvest record.

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