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January 31, 2014

Winter Fishing reports will be intermittent and will be updated as conditions improve. Weekly updates will resume in early spring when spring steelhead begin to show in the Situk River.

Marine angling in winter

Marine angling harvest timing can be found at the Marine Harvest Rate link in the upper right of this report.

Winter Chinook angling can generally be fair in Yakutat Bay when weather allows. Halibut angling improves with spring temperatures in early spring.


Steelhead update for Situk River
The river is coming back down to an accessible level as of late January. No reports have come in as per fishing success. Flows had reached ~ 3,700 cfs after some heavy and unseasonably warm rain.  By February 1 the river flows should be more moderate, but steelhead may be up river in the lake. Log jams currently make floating the middle river a rather exciting prospect. Thirty or so new green spuce trees are down on the lower landing flats alone, and 2 are on top of the Situk weir site.

There are 8 log jams that will stop any boat you can not lift and drag around in the brush. The first one is above the confluence hole and the three worst ones are down by the oxbow hole ~ 3 miles from the Lower Landing. Most are single logs across the river but the lowest two are substatial multi-log jams.

No fish have been seen in the main section of the river since the high water. They likley moved high up in the drainage.

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