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Commissioner's Regulatory Authority

The commissioner has regulatory authority over the following Fish and Game programs:

Mariculture 5 AAC 41.200-5 AAC 41.400

Permitting of Nonprofit Salmon Hatcheries 5 AAC 40.110-5 AAC 40.240

Sanctuaries 5 AAC 93.030-5 AAC 93.080

Educational Fishery Programs 5 AAC 93.200 - 5 AAC 93.235

Salmon Use 5 AAC 93.310 - 5 AAC 93.390

Salmon Fishery Associations 5 AAC 93.400

Endangered Species 5 AAC 93.001; 5 AAC 93.020

Habitat 5 AAC 95.

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