Juneau Hunter Education Shooting Complex

The Juneau Hunter Education Shooting Complex (JHESC) is a first-class educational and recreational shooting facility. It is located at 5670 Montana Creek Road.

Our facility offers:

  • 50-foot Live-Fire Range with 7 Shooting Lanes
  • Bullet-Trap system for handguns up to .44 magnum, rimfire rifles, and pistol caliber carbines (9mm, .40, .45, 10mm, .38/.357, etc.)
  • Air Handling system for a Safe, Clean Environment
  • Hunter, Bowhunter, & Crossbow Education certification courses
  • Firearms Instruction for all skill levels
  • Youth Shooting Sports and Clinics
  • League Shooting (.22 Pistol and Center-fire Pistol)
  • Competitive Shoots and Tournaments
  • Targets and other shooting accessories for sale and rent
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff, instructors, and volunteers
  • Safe, clean, warm, family friendly atmosphere!

For additional information, call (907) 586-4101 or email dfg.dwc.jnu-range@alaska.gov.

Note: Pregnant or nursing individuals should consult with their physician before visiting the range due to the potential exposure to lead and loud noises.