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September 09, 2014

Freshwater Angling Update

Situk River- The Situk River is dropping now from a 3,000 cfs flood event over the weekend. Coho are still in the river and entering on every tide but water conditions are tough. Boat anglers can get to fish holding in eddies and calmer clear water areas.

Dolly Varden are still very abundant and are now starting to turn into their spawning colors. Dollies will spawn in late fall after the coho.

A few red sockeye are still around but most have spawned, and the pink salmon are also near the end of the run. Mid sections of the river have more pinks.

Foreland streams-
All foreland streams now have coho salmon in good numbers. Fly-out anglers can get to most streams now as the waters have receded. Akwe, Italio and East rivers all have good numbers of coho.

The Lost River system also remained clear enough to fish through the storm and is still productive especially on tides.

Marine Angling

Coho angling is still strong in marine waters. Many coho are now in close to shore and in local lagoons. Trollers are having good luck out in the Bay at Ocean Cape and on the outside of Khantak Island.

Halibut angling success has slowed with the weather. Good sized fish can still be had on good weather days. Some larger fish have moved into areas close to town just outside of Monti Bay. The ocean water was churned up turbid by recent warm rains.

Regulations require all chartered anglers to use a deepwater release device if they release non pelagic rockfish.

For further information, anglers can call Brian Marston at the ADF&G, Division of Sport Fish in Yakutat, at (907) 784-3222.

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