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Alaska Department of Fish and Game's e-Library is the repository for thousands of documents, videos, and other materials selected by staff to inform the public about Alaska's fish and wildlife resources.

Publications Spotlight

Muskox: A Guide to Identification, Hunting and Viewing

ADF&G Nome area biologists collaborated to produce this photo-rich publication for muskox enthusiasts. Muskox: A Guide to Identification, Hunting and Viewing (PDF 3,046 kB) was designed to include interesting information about all aspects of muskox life history, viewing, various programs that permit muskox harvest, and trophy and meat salvage advice.

Hunt Alaska

ADF&G prepared Hunt Alaska (PDF 8,097 kB) to assist hunters in planning a safe and successful big game hunt in Alaska, which includes advice on guide selection, fly-in hunting and lodging, firearms, sighting and shooting, first aid, water treatment, meat transportation and care, animal tracks, and plans for a hunt workbook.

Northern Pike

Northern Pike (PDF 625 kB) consolidates fishing and regulatory information regarding this important subsistence and game fish that is native to Interior and Western Alaska, but has become problematic following its introduction to Southcentral lakes and streams. Includes recipes to make the most of your catch!

Wood Bison Management Plan for Lower Innoko/Yukon River

The Wood Bison Management Plan for Lower Innoko/Yukon River in Westcentral Alaska 2015-2020 (PDF 1,322 kB) was required before the 2015 release of wood bison into the lower Innoko/Yukon River area. A diverse group representing urban, rural, and Alaska Native interests, landowners, industry, wildlife conservationists, and State and Federal agencies developed the plan with the spirit of finding common solutions to reintroduction concerns.

Proper Release Techniques

Many Alaska streams have regulations stating that certain species of fish must be released unharmed. Careful release minimizes injury to the fish and maximizes its chances for survival after being caught. The practices detailed in Proper Release Techniques (PDF 2,167 kB) are some of the most important steps an angler can take to sustain Alaskan fisheries.

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Leading Bison

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