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February 13, 2014

Winter Fishing reports will be intermittent and will be updated as conditions improve. Weekly updates will resume in early spring when spring steelhead begin to show in the Situk River.

Marine angling in winter

Marine angling harvest information and best times to fish can be found at the Marine Harvest Rate link in the upper right of this report.

Winter Chinook angling can generally be fair in Yakutat Bay when weather allows. Halibut angling improves with spring temperatures in early spring



Steelhead Update for the Situk River

A few fish were being caught last week before it got really cold. These fish were up above the bridge in some of the larger holes and in deep glides. The river dropped to low flow conditions and the temps plummeted late last week. Now as of 2-13-14 we have a foot or two of new snow. All roads to the river are probably not passable for this coming week at least. Things are warming up a bit and that may change. Snow machines are likely the only option for now.

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