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Management and Research


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game maintains active and comprehensive management and research programs to ensure fish and wildlife populations are "utilized, developed, and maintained on the sustained yield principle,” in accordance with Alaska’s Constitution.

Management and research of fish and wildlife is carried out by five divisions in the department: Commercial Fisheries, Sport Fish, Subsistence, Habitat, and Wildlife Conservation. We also partner with Alaska tribes; state, federal, and municipal agencies; and other organizations to conduct research, monitoring, permitting, and access for resource use and development.

Management and Research

  • Fish & Shellfish
    Research projects, hatcheries, stocking, research facilities and more.
  • Wildlife
    Birds, mammals, threatened and endangered species and more.
  • Habitat & Lands
    Waters programs, habitat research, land management, and more.
  • Subsistence
    Research on how Alaskans harvest and use wild resources.
  • ADF&G Programs
    Information about the department's management and research programs.
  • Publications & Reports
    Find publications and reports the department has produced.
  • Plans
    Management plans and planning projects that ADF&G is involved in.
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