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June 30, 2015

Salt water harvest information is available via the link above right; “Marine Harvest Rates”.


Chinook salmon angling regulations for marine waters in SE Alaska including Yakutat will change in-season this year as of July 1.

  • All harvested Chinook salmon must be over 28 inches.
  • Residents; Daily and possession limit of two fish.
  • Non residents; Daily and possession limit of 1 fish, and a yearly limit of 3 fish.

Marine Fishing


  • Chinook angling was fair last week and some boats get fish every day. The Chinook seem to be concentrated in certain spots out in the bay, and once you find them it can be a good catch. There is a lot of feed in the bay especially needlefish schools.
  • Halibut anglers report that fishing remains slightly above average in catch rate this year. Anglers are reporting hooking into these flatfish while trolling for salmon in shallow water. The usuall haunts out on the bay moraine, and to a lesser extent on peaks of the inner bay, are consistently producing fish.
  • Lingcod angling continued strong this last week. Boats are getting these fish in areas off Khantaak Island and also off Ocean Cape. Some boats report needing to release many small fish to get at a legal sized one.
  • A few coho salmon came in to salmon anglers this last week. Most are coming to Chinook anglers, not actually looking for coho as yet.
  • Rockfish also remain plentiful in daily bags of most anglers. More non pelagic species came in last week of many species.


Freshwater Fishing


  • Sockeye angling has picked up on the Situk River. Weir counts went above average late on the weekend with the improved water flows. Anglers report good angling up above ~ 1 mile from the mouth on down to the train trestle. Sockeye salmon have now made it up to Situk Lake, and anglers also report fair to good fishing from the area around 9 Mile Bridge and upwards.
  • Akwe River and East River sockeye salmon have also moved up the rivers there in good numbers. Angling pressure is light on these east foreland streams.
  • King salmon angling on the Eastern Yakutat area streams have been reportedly fair. These streams have been flowing low due to sparse rainfall and may improve with recent rains. These fish will move up stream quickly, and be out of reach.
  • Dolly Varden are starting to pool up behind schools of sockeye salmon in spawning areas on all local streams with that species. Drifting salmon egg patterns and beads is a productive technique for this species in summer and fall.

More information on fishing opportunities in Yakutat is available by clicking on the “Information by Area” link at left.

For further specific information you can also contact Brian Marston, ADF&G Sport Fish Division, at 907-784-3222 in Yakutat.

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