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November 20, 2015

As the 2015 angling season begins to wind down fishing reports will be less frequent. Angling reports in winter for the Yakutat area typically focus on steelhead in the Situk River, and Chinook angling in salt waters of Yakutat Bay.

More general information is available on seasonal fishing opportunities in Yakutat by clicking on the link at left, Information By Area,... and navigating through links for Yakutat,... Fishing Opportunities.

Additionally, looking at the archived reports, via the link below, can give anglers some feel for the availability of fish if you are planning a trip.

Marine fishing harvest success data can be found by following the link above right, “marine harvest rates”.

  • Chinook angling in salt waters was not very productive last week due to inclement and cold weather.

Steelhead Update


  • Steelhead angling was reportedly slow last week with cold and low water flows and lots of snow
  • Over a foot of snow fell over the recent week
  • A good 4x4 truck is needed to access the river right now, and even that is risky. Road conditions are marginal with deep slick ruts in the snow, but the snow is melting fast
  • Water temperatures have warmed late this week on the Situk and the water is rising as the snow melts. Heavy rains may bring water conditons up making angling diffucult

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