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March 23, 2015

Marine fishing

Saltwater Chinook salmon trolling is beginning in the waters close to town in among the islands. Reports are that it is slow although feeding herring are in the bay which should attract Chinook salmon.

Freshwater Fishing

A few Dolly Varden have been caught in the lower sections of some of the small steams. No salmon fry have emerged yet but look for good Dolly Varden angling as the salmon start to head out to sea.

Eulachon have begun to run in Foreland streams. Schools move up streams at high tide and a few have spawned already in the Situk River.

Cutthroat trout are also moving into their spawning streams. These fish may be coming out of area lakes are moving up from the estuaries. Expect then to move to their small spawning creeks quickly after holding in some of the larger pools of Lost River and other Foreland Streams.


Steelhead Update

Steelhead are spread out in many holes of the upper and middle Situk River. Anglers are reporting good catches on the warmer days when the water heats up. River temperatures are dropping at night but climbing up above normal on sunny days. Roads have all been plowed and are open to all vehicles for now. A few fish are also starting to move in on high tides in the lower river. Eulachon schools are complicating the angling in the lower river.

Weather conditions in Yakutat in the early spring can limit your access to the Situk River. Anglers should be prepared for potential weather related delays and be aware that roads may become totally impassable quickly with little warning.

More information is available on fishing opportunities by clicking on the link to the left, "Information By Area",... and navigating through links for Yakutat,... Fishing Opportunities,... and Yakutat Bay Salmon, Halibut, and Steelhead.

For further information, anglers can call Brian Marston at the ADF&G, Division of Sport Fish in Yakutat, at (907) 784-3222.


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