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Area Sport Fishing Reports

August 26, 2015

Marine fishing


Marine fishing harvest success information can be found by following the link above right, “marine harvest rates”.


  • Coho angling in salt waters is still good in Yakutat Bay. Coho are hitting on trolled herring and on lures in close to shore. Good calm weather has helped the anglers bring in some good catches all week.
  • Ankau Lagoon has been fair but spotty for coho so far this year. A lot of pinks are still moving by in the bridge area.
  • Lingcod angling is remaining productive later into the fall this year. Mixed bags of lingcod and various rockfish species are still being brought in daily.
  • Chinook salmon angling in salt waters seemed to drop off quickly last week as the coho came in.
  • Halibut angling remains good and fish are reportedly larger this year. Good weather helped halibut anglers last week, and the green-eyed sharks seem to be dropping off a bit, helping anglers find halibut.
  • Most pink salmon are now out of salt waters but a few can still be found in near stream mouths in Yakutat Bay.

Freshwater Fishing


  • Coho angling was slow last week. It seems that the coho run picked up a bit late in the week and is getting better. Coho are in all rivers right now from Tsiu to East River in low or moderate numbers.
  • Tsiu river coho reports are that coho finally entered the lower river in good numbers last night.
  • Pink salmon numbers are dropping off now and the spawning activity is well under way.
  • Sockeye numbers are also dropping off in the lower rivers, and most of those fish are spawning also.
  • Dolly Varden and trout are all holed up behind spawning pink salmon feeding on eggs. The smaller streams on the forelands seem to have the better trout fishing. Look for dollies in most large or medium sized streams.

More information is available on fishing opportunities by clicking on the link to the left, Information By Area,... and navigating through links for Yakutat,... Fishing Opportunities.

For further information, anglers can call Brian Marston at the ADF&G, Division of Sport Fish in Yakutat, at (907) 784-3222.

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