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June 09, 2014

Freshwater Angling Update

Situk River- A few steelhead are still left in the middle and lower parts of the river. Sockeye have made it up to the first few holes in the lower river but are not proceeding much farther yet. One or two king salmon have also been seen in the lower river. Dolly Varden are spread out throughout the stream, but most are downstream in the last few miles.

Water flow remains low but the river has raised some with recent rains. Look for sockeye numbers to improve as the water level comes up after storms. There is no snow pack this year so the river will drop after storms quickly.

East River - Akwe River Chinook angling is still good on foreland streams. Fish are holding in the lower river mouth areas.

Marine Angling

Chinook angling is still productive in most of the bay waters. More fish are coming in from the inner Bay.

Halibut angling is picking up. Good sized fish are coming in with each boat. Halibut are being caught in close waters inside the bay and out in open water.

Lingcod angling remains slow, but black rockfish harvests have been good.

Regulations require all chartered anglers to use a deepwater release device if they release non pelagic rockfish.

For further information, anglers can call Brian Marston at the ADF&G, Division of Sport Fish in Yakutat, at (907) 784-3222.

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