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Yelloweye Rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus)


Demersal shelf rockfish provide an important commercially fishery in Alaska, and yelloweye are the primary demersal species harvested. The majority of yelloweye are harvested as bycatch, especially in the halibut longline fishery.


Yelloweye, among other bottom dwelling species, have a long history of being harvested for subsistence purposes. Hooks are baited and allowed to sink to the ocean floor where lingcod, halibut, rockfish and other species of fish are captured. Typically, subsistence longlines are used for this purpose where multiple hooks are attached to a single line and laid along the ocean floor. The majority of subsistence harvest of rockfish occurs in Southeast Alaska.


Yelloweye are excellent table fare and are prized by sport anglers. Due to the high mortality of non-pelagic rockfish brought up from depth, catch and release is strongly discouraged. In Southeast Alaska and in Prince William Sound, anglers are required to retain all non-pelagic rockfish until the bag limit is reached. When sport fishing, be sure to check the bag and possession limits along with any special restrictions for the area you intend to fish.