Mountain Goat Species Management Report and Plans
Report Period: 1 July 2013–30 June 2018
Plan Period: 1 Jul 2018–30 June 2023

Species management report and plan documents provide information about species that are hunted or trapped and management actions, goals, and recommendations for those species. Detailed information is prepared for each species every five years by the area management biologists for game management units in their areas. Reports are not produced for species that are not managed for hunting or trapping or for areas where there is no current or anticipated activity. Unit reports are reviewed and approved for publication by regional management coordinators. Any information taken from these reports should be cited with credit given to authors and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Suggested citations are included in each of the reports.

These reports provide a record of survey and inventory management activities for mountain goat for the five regulatory years 2013–2017, and plans for the five regulatory years 2018–2022. A regulatory year (RY) runs from 1 July through 30 June (e.g., RY11 = 1 July 2011–30 June 2012). These reports are produced primarily to provide agency staff with data and analysis to help guide and record the agency's own efforts, but are also provided to the public to inform it of wildlife management activities. In 2016 the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's Division of Wildlife Conservation launched this new type of 5-year report to more efficiently report on trends and describe potential changes in data collection activities over the next 5 years. They replace the mountain goat management reports of survey and inventory activities that were previously produced every 3 years.

These unit reports are published individually, so, although the period covered remains the same for all reports, the year published may differ.

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