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Weathervane Scallop (Patinopecten caurinus)
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Licenses and Permits

For commercial fishing licenses and permits including crewmember, catcher-seller, direct marketers, buyers, exporters, processors, transporters, and reporting, please visit the Licenses & Permits section of our website.

For commercial fishing entry permits, and intent to transfer forms please visit the Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC) website.

Fishery Openings/Updates

For commercial fishing regulation announcements, news releases, and emergency orders, please visit our Regulation Announcements, News Releases & Emergency Orders page.

To search for scallop-specific news releases on this webpage, choose "Shellfish-Misc" from the drop down menu under the Species Group search criteria.


Alaska Department of Fish and Game Shellfish Observer Program. 2012. Scallop Observer Training and Deployment Manual. Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Commercial Fisheries, Kodiak.

Alaska Scallop Fisheries Management Plan

Gustafson, R. L., and K. J. Goldman. 2012. Assessment of weathervane scallops in Kamishak Bay and at Kayak Island, 2004 through 2012. (PDF 2,077 kB) Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Fishery Data Series No. 12-62, Anchorage.

Rosenkranz, G. E., and M. Spafard. 2011. Summary of observer data collected during the 2009/10 Alaska weathervane scallop fishery. (PDF 1,888 kB) Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Fishery Data Series No. 11-70, Anchorage.

Scallop Plan Team

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