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Alaska Trappers Manual

The Alaska Trappers Manual was created in a joint effort by the Alaska Trappers Association and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Published by the Alaska Trappers Association, the 135-page manual is available in bookstores around the state, or it may be ordered by sending $26.00 (check or money order, includes $5 shipping and handling) to:

Alaska Trappers Association
P.O. Box 82177
Fairbanks, AK 99708
Alaska Trappers Manual


  • Acknowledgements
  • Code of Ethics
  • Foreward
  • History of Trapping and Fur
       Trade in Alaska
  • Locating a Place to Trap

Part 1: The Basics

  • Management
  • Traps and Snares
  • Preparing Traps and Snares
  • Baits and Lures

Part 2: The Sets

  • Trap Set Details

Part 3: After the Catch

  • Pelt Care and Handling
  • Furbearer Diseases
  • Skinning and Fleshing Tools
  • Skinning
  • Fleshing
  • Pelt Repairs
  • Stretching and Drying
  • Marketing

Part 4: Alaska's Furbearers
and Their Prey

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