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Subsistence in Alaska

Alaska Village Trappers

Three short chapters on Alaska's Village Trappers - Celebrating Mink, Alaska's Trapping Interior, and Spring Muskrat Camp. A look at the subsistence lifestyle in rural Alaska, and Yup'ik and Athabaskan peoples.

Produced in 1996 by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Division of Subsistence. Video length is about 27 minutes.

Alaska Village Trappers Video

A Visit to the Innoko Sheefish Project

Fishery biologists and social scientists are studying sheefish in Interior Alaska. This video provides an overview of the project and the importance of the fish to the subsistence lifestyle of the people of the village of Shageluk. Biologists capture and implant radio telemetry tags in sheefish in the Innoko to learn more about their movements, spawning areas and feeding areas in the Yukon River drainage. The tags can potentially last seven years.

Filmed and produced in 2009 as a coproduction of Alaska Department of Fish and Game, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Video length is about 20 minutes.

A Visit to the Innoko Sheefish Project Video

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