Streambank Revegetation and Protection: A Guide for Alaska
Plant Care and Preparation


Plugs are smaller than vegetative mats and often contain only one plant species. Plugs can be harvested from a donor community with hand tools and transported easily to the planting site. Plugs are particularly well suited for planting in wetlands, constructing grass rolls or being divided into sprigs.

Dig a plug with a shovel. A plug may range from 2 to 10 inches in diameter. It is important to include as many roots and as much soil as possible with each plug.

Plant plugs so that the new soil level matches the soil level of the donor site. If the planting site is dry, the plug should be planted in the center of a small depression that will catch and retain water. The soil around the plug should be pressed firmly into place.

Plugs harvested for transplant
Plugs harvested for installation at the mouth of Willow Creek