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Streambank Revegetation and Protection: A Guide for Alaska
Protection Techniques: Fencing and Signs

Signage examples

Materials: Fencing may be constructed of wood, metal, plastic material, or rope. Temporary fencing is usually of the plastic and rope variety. Temporary fencing may be used until permanent fencing is installed or until vegetation is well established and the trespass fear deterred. This temporary fencing must be monitored closely for rips and tears in order to determine if it is still providing protection or if it has become a danger to the environment (i.e., caused small animals to get trapped in fencing, break away into the aquatic or terrestrial environment, etc.).

Maintenance of the temporary fence is crucial.


  • Keeps people off restoration areas
  • People management tool directing them to accessible areas
  • Protects fish habitat and revegetation areas
  • Safety measure to prevent people injuries
  • Temporary fencing is inexpensive


  • Moderately expensive for permanent fencing
  • Fencing should be adjustable and parts may need to be seasonally removed, requiring maintenance
  • Fence posts may destabilize bank if not installed carefully
  • May detract from aesthetic beauty of area
  • Fencing usually ineffective without enforcement and sign(s)

Signs may be used to announce a streambank revegetation project in progress or the history of a project. They may also be utilized to explain the importance of the riparian area to visitors and educate on fish and wildlife habitat. By sharing the importance of riparian habitat with your visitors, you may help to protect the area from further habitat degradation on-site and throughout the area. Make sure signs are well placed and are established in addition to other protection techniques, such as fencing, enforcement of no-access areas, and/or an elevated light-penetrating walkway.

Materials: Signage may be constructed of wood, metal or plastic material. Many designs are currently available to inform visitors of streambank revegetation projects.


  • Fairly inexpensive
  • People management tool
  • Protects fish habitat and revegetation areas
  • Safety measure to prevent people injuries
  • Informative aid


  • Requires posting which may detract from aesthetic beauty of area
  • May require maintenance

Educational signage, Centennial Park, Kenai River
Educational signage, Centennial Park, Kenai River
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