Taxidermy, Fur Dealer, and Game Farm Licenses

Taxidermy, fur dealer, and game farm licenses are biennial licenses, good for two years. Applicant must also have an Alaska Business License.

Definition of Taxidermy AS 16.05.940(34). "Taxidermy" means tanning, mounting, processing, or other treatment or preparation of fish or game, or any part of fish or game, as a trophy, for monetary gain, including the receiving of the fish or game or parts of fish or game for such purposes. A "trophy" includes any fish or game or any part of fish or game that is prepared or mounted for display or as a memento. "Game" includes any bird or mammal found or introduced into the state except "domestic" animals.

Generally speaking, anyone who mounts or prepares big game, small game, furbearers, gamebirds, waterfowl or fish (or a part of these animals, such as horns, antlers, hides, skulls, etc.) as a trophy and receives payment, must have a taxidermy license. Taxidermists are bound by the same laws relating to transfer of possession, use, purchase and sale of fish and game as are all other citizens. For example, state regulations prohibit the purchase or sale of "big game trophies" any part of any bear (whether or not taken in Alaska), and sport caught fish. Nor may a taxidermist possess, transport, or receive any game that s/he should know was taken in violation of any state law. For example, any game animal that should be sealed and is not, or any game animal that a customer cannot demonstrate is legally taken (by virtue of a license, tag, sealing record, or signed statement of "transfer of possession") should not be accepted by a taxidermist for processing.