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Submit A Written Comment to the Board Process
Requirements / Instructions

Requirements / Instructions for Comments:

The board accepts written public comment on proposals before each meeting.

Public comment, in combination with advisory committee comments and ADF&G staff presentations, provide the Board of Fisheries with useful biological and socioeconomic information. Written comments become public documents. The following are recommendations for providing written comments:

Deadline and Length

Public comments are limited to no more than 100 single-sided or 50 double-sided pages so that the comments are received no later than two weeks prior to the meeting during which the topic will be considered.

Written public comments limited to 10 single-sided or five double-sided pages in length from any one individual or group will also be accepted after the two-week deadline, but will not be inserted in board member workbooks until the beginning of the meeting, and will only be accepted until the board begins deliberation of proposals.

Comments received after the two-week deadline must be submitted in person or via fax at 907-465-6094.

Once deliberation of proposals begin at a board meeting, the Board of Fisheries will ONLY accept written public comments that are not more than five single-sided pages, or the equivalent double-sided pages, unless specific information is requested by the Board that requires more pages than allowed under this standard.

List the Proposal Number

Written comments should indicate the proposal number to which the comments apply and should clearly indicate whether you “support” or “oppose” the proposal. This will help ensure written comments are correctly noted for the board members. If the comments support a modification in the proposal, please indicate “support as amended” and provide your preferred amendment in writing. You do not need to list the Alaska Administrative Code (AAC) number.

Please Explain Why You Support or Oppose the Proposal

This helps the board understand the rationale for your recommendation and identify factors that should be taken into account when acting on the proposal. A brief description consisting of a couple of sentences on why you support or oppose the proposal is sufficient.

Special Notes

The board applies various statutes and policies when considering fisheries allocations and when addressing salmon proposals. When addressing proposals affecting subsistence uses, the board provides for a reasonable opportunity for subsistence consistent with AS 16.05.258 and 5 AAC 99.010(b). When addressing allocations among commercial, sport, guided sport, and/or personal use fisheries, the board applies its Allocation Criteria (AS 16.05.251(e)). When addressing salmon fisheries it applies its Mixed Stock Salmon Policy (5 AAC 39.220) and its Sustainable Salmon Fisheries Policy (5 AAC 39.222). You may wish to review these statutes and policies as you prepare comments for the board.