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Sand Point Advisory Committee

The Sand Point Advisory Committee represents the community of Sand Point and has fifteen undesignated seats. It is located on the southern east side of the Alaska Peninsula in Game Management Unit 9D. This is an active committee, holding 1–2 in person meetings per year focusing primarily on fishing issues, and taking up game management issues as needed.


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Regional Coordinator

Taryn O’Connor-Brito —
Phone: (907) 842-5142
Fax: (907) 842-5514

Advisory Committee Members

  • John Foster, Chair, 12/2016
  • David Osterback, Vice Chair, 12/2016
  • Kiley Thompson, Secretary, 12/2016
  • Melvin Larsen, Sand Point, 12/2016
  • Robin Larsen, 12/2015
  • Bruce Foster, 12/2015
  • Charles Gunderson, 12/2014
  • Jim Smith, Alternate, 12/2015
  • Patrick Brown, Alternate, 12/2015
  • Taylor Lundgren, Alternate, 12/2014

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