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Mid-Lower Yukon Advisory Committee

The Mid-Lower Yukon Advisory Committee has seven seats and includes representatives from the the villages of Marshall, Russian Mission, St. Mary's, Andreafski, Mountain Village, Pilot Station and Pitkas Point. Mid-Lower Yukon AC was established in its current form by the Joint Boards of Fisheries and Game at its October 2013 meeting. The areas of jurisdiction for the Mid-Lower Yukon AC listed in 5 AAC 97.005 for the purpose of emergency closures and determining "residents of the area" for AC elections are Game Management Units 18 and 21, and the Upper and Lower Yukon Areas for finsish.


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Regional Coordinator

Vacant- Please contact Boards Support Headquarters in Juneau for inquiries
Phone: (907) 465-4110
Fax: (907) 465-6094

Advisory Committee Members

  • William Alstrom (Andreafski)
  • Vassily Sergie. Sr. (Marshall)
  • Paul Beans (Mountain Village)
  • Evan Polty (Pilot Station)
  • John Riley (Pitkas Point)
  • Stan Peters (Russian Mission)
  • Sven Paukan (St. Mary's)
  • Nick Andrew (Alternate)
  • Wassily Alexie (Alternate)
  • Arthur John (Alternate)

Meeting Information

0 meetings found

Meeting Date
No meeting documents for this advisory committee were found
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