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Hydaburg Advisory Committee

The Hydaburg AC has 15 seats. The AC has designated some seats to the Hydaburg Cooperative Association (tribe). The Hydaburg AC became active in April 2013 after having been inactive since 1987. The AC members are especially interested in sport and personal use fishing, hunting, and subsistence issues. The areas of jurisdiction for the Hydaburg AC listed in regulation (5 AAC 97.005) for the purpose of emergency closures and determining “residents of the area” for AC elections are GMUs 1A and 2, Southeastern Alaska Area finfish, Southeastern Alaska–Yakutat Area shellfish.


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Regional Coordinator

Jessalynn Rintala —
Phone: (907) 465-6097
Fax: (907) 465-6094

Advisory Committee Members

  • Anthony Christianson, Chair, 12/16
  • Tony Sanderson, Vice-chair, 12/16
  • Charles Peele, Secretary, 12/16
  • Jolene Edenshaw, 12/14
  • Donald Alander, Jr., 12/15
  • Terrance Peele, 12/15
  • Jess Dilts, 12/14
  • Herbert Nix, Sr., 12/15

Meeting Information

2 meetings found

Meeting Date
Hydaburg Advisory Committee Elections
The Hydaburg Fish & Game Advisory Committee will meet April 18th at 8 am at the Hydaburg A&B Hall to hold elections to fill all 9 seats in the reformation of the committee. Advisory committees are local groups that meet to discuss fishing and hunting issues and ...
Notice Of Public Meetings For The Hydaburg Fish And Game Advisory Committee
NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETINGS FOR THE HYDABURG FISH AND GAME ADVISORY COMMITTEE IN THE SOUTHEAST REGION This is an announcement of a public meeting of the Hydaburg local fish and game advisory committee in the Southeast Region of Alaska. All meetings are open to the public. Advisory ...