ADF&G Releases Intensive Management Protocol
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Press Release: December 20, 2011

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ADF&G Releases Intensive Management Protocol

A new publication outlining procedures used by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to implement the laws on intensive management is now available on the agency’s website. The recently completed “Intensive Management Protocol” is intended as a practical tool for implementation of intensive management in Alaska.

“The document provides an overview of legal, biological, social, and economic factors that we consider when we develop intensive management programs,” said Tom Paragi, wildlife biologist in Fairbanks. Paragi worked with department staff from across the state to draft the guidelines.

“We believe this document will help the public better understand the intensive management process, and also help Alaskans more effectively participate when they provide recommendations and opinions to local Fish and Game Advisory Committees, the Alaska Board of Game, and elected officials,” said Paragi.

The statutes on intensive management were adopted by the legislature in 1994. The law requires the Board of Game to establish population and harvest objectives for moose, caribou, and deer populations in specific areas identified to be managed for high levels of harvest. If the Board restricts harvests in intensive management areas, it must also adopt regulations designed to restore harvests through management actions such as predator control and improvement of habitat. The law allows exceptions if the Board determines that intensive management would be ineffective for scientific reasons, inappropriate due to land ownership patterns, or against the best interest of subsistence uses.

“This document outlines the protocol used by department staff in developing and implementing intensive management programs,” said Corey Rossi, Director of the Division of Wildlife Conservation. “The Intensive Management Protocol and supporting documents are available to the public to aid in understanding and involvement with decisions in Alaska’s intensive management program.”

The Intensive Management Protocol is available on the Fish and Game website at For more information, contact Tom Paragi in Fairbanks at 907-459-7327.


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