Hang Onto Your Birdseed, Warm Winter Has Bears Stirring
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Press Release: November 7, 2014

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Hang Onto Your Birdseed, Warm Winter Has Bears Stirring

(Anchorage) — If you enjoy feeding birds in winter, don’t place your feeders outside quite yet. Winter is off to a slow start in many parts of Southcentral Alaska and bears are still stirring.

“We’ve had a flurry of bear activity reports lately, especially in parts of Eagle River,” said Jessy Coltrane, Anchorage area wildlife biologist.

“People need to hold off on setting out bird feeders and continue to keep trash secured in buildings or bear-proof containers until the morning of trash pickup.”

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game generally recommends bird feeders be taken down in Southcentral between April and November 1. Relatively mild temperatures so far this November, however, combined with little or no snow cover and an availability of human-generated food sources – particularly birdseed and unsecured trash in outlying neighborhoods from Eagle River to Homer – have some bears putting off hibernation.

“I would give it a couple more weeks (before placing bird feeders outside),” said Coltrane.