2015 Unit 2 Wolf Harvest Quota Announced
- ADF&G Press Release

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Press Release: August 21, 2015

ADF&G, Ryan Scott, Regional Supervisor, (907) 465-4359, ryan.scott@alaska.gov.

U.S. Forest Service, Jeff Reeves, Subsistence Biologist, (907) 826-1649, jreeves@fs.fed.us.

2015 Unit 2 Wolf Harvest Quota Announced

(Craig, Alaska) — Biologists with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, announce that the Unit 2 wolf harvest for regulatory year (RY) 2015-16 will be set at nine wolves. Game Management Unit (Unit 2), includes Prince of Wales Island and a series of small adjacent islands.

ADF&G currently manages Unit 2 wolves for an annual harvest that should not exceed 20 percent of the unit-wide, fall population. It is impossible to survey the entire unit and a prediction from a study area was used to develop the fall 2014 population estimate of 89 wolves, with a range of 50 to 159. The harvest quota of nine wolves reflects 20 percent of the population estimate plus a reduction for any other human-caused mortality that may occur. This strategy is intended to ensure a conservative and sustainable harvest. In addition, ADF&G intends to limit the state of Alaska wolf hunting and trapping season length in Unit 2 to 10 days. The state season length will depend on the number of wolves taken during the federal subsistence hunting (Sept. 1-March 31) and trapping (Nov. 15-March 31) seasons and will be shortened or closed if the harvest from the earlier federal season approaches nine wolves. ADF&G views this management action as a conservative approach to Unit 2 wolf management in light of the most recent population estimate.

All other hunting and trapping seasons in Unit 2 remain unchanged and are not affected by this announcement.

Please call the ADF&G Ketchikan area office at 907-225-2475 or Craig Area office at 907-826-2561 for more information. For more information from the U.S. Forest Service please call Matt Anderson at 907-826-3271, Rachelle Huddleston-Lorton at 907-828-3304, or Jeff Reeves at 907-826-1649. Maps of Federal lands within Unit 2 are available at Forest Service offices. Maps and additional information on the Federal Subsistence Management Program can be found on the web at http://www.doi.gov/subsistence/index.cfm.