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Remote Round Island Beckons Visitors Seeking Coastal Splendor, Walrus and other Wildlife
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Press Release: July 8, 2013

Contact: Joe Meehan, Statewide Program Coordinator, Lands and Refuge Program, (907)267-2281

Remote Round Island Beckons Visitors Seeking Coastal Splendor, Walrus and other Wildlife

(Togiak) - Interested in seeing Pacific walrus, Steller sea lion, puffins, murres and kittiwakes in their native habitat? It’s not too late to visit Round Island this season. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game administers a visitor program and campsite at Round Island each year from May 1 through August 15. Walrus hauling out there have recently numbered 500 to 3,500 in between feeding forays into Bristol Bay. Round Island is a mecca for photography and viewing for these species, and also hosts seabird colonies as well as a Steller sea lion haulout and other wildlife.

Visitation requires a permit and authorization prior to entering within three miles of the island. A five-day visitor permit costs $50 per person and day-visit permits are available for $10 per person. Commercial transportation via boat is available to the island via Togiak-based Bristol Bay Walrus Safari.

One of the seven islands within the State of Alaska’s Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary, Round Island is a small, rugged island 35 miles southeast of Togiak. Visitors must be self-sufficient and prepared for high winds, rain, and cool temperatures. For more information, visit the department’s webpage at: or contact Statewide Program Coordinator Joe Meehan at 267-2281, or


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