Black Bear Suspected in Bird Ridge Mauling Killed
— ADF&G Press Release

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Press Release: June 21, 2017

Contact: Ken Marsh, Public Information Officer, Anchorage, (907) 267-2892

Black Bear Suspected in Bird Ridge Mauling Killed

(Anchorage) — A black bear believed responsible for Sunday's fatal mauling on Bird Ridge was among four bears shot and killed Tuesday evening by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Small aircraft were used to locate the animals Tuesday after a ground search on Monday was unsuccessful.

An adult male black bear killed last night had a recent wound to its lower jaw and has been tentatively identified as the animal suspected in the Bird Ridge mauling. The bear at the attack scene on Sunday was shot at by a Chugach State Park ranger and thought to have sustained a wound to the head. A necropsy on the bear is planned and samples have been collected for analysis.

Three other lone adult black bears were shot in close proximity to the site of the attack in an effort to ensure the correct bear was killed. Extremely steep, rugged, brushy terrain made the use of tranquilizer darts impractical. In addition to a fixed-wing aircraft and a helicopter used by the department, Alaska Wildlife Troopers also planned to search for the bear, but were delayed when their helicopter was called to another matter.