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State, Federal Agencies Agree: New Aleutians Fishery Measures are Sea Lion-Safe
- ADF&G Press Release

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Press Release: April 2, 2014

Contact: Doug Vincent-Lang Director, Division of Wildlife Conservation Anchorage, (907) 267-2339

State, Federal Agencies Agree: New Aleutians Fishery Measures are Sea Lion-Safe

(Juneau)- The National Marine Fisheries Service (Service) released a Biological Opinion today that concludes new fishery management measures developed by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) for the Aleutian Islands groundfish fisheries will not jeopardize the western distinct population segment of Steller sea lions nor adversely modify their critical habitat.

These measures were developed by federal and state fishery managers working with fisheries participants over several months and were adopted by the Council as a means to reopen some fishing in the western Aleutians while protecting Steller sea lions and their habitat.

“This decision was informed by the results of independent reviews conducted by the states of Alaska and Washington and confirmed by the Service’s own independent scientific reviews,” said Doug Vincent-Lang, Director for the Division of Wildlife Conservation. “We are pleased that the results of the independent reviews were included in the new opinion.”

Vincent-Lang added the state is pleased that limited fishing in the western Aleutians can now reopen.

“This will provide much needed economic opportunities to local communities in the western Aleutians while not jeopardizing Steller sea lions. We look forward to continuing to work with the Service toward the ultimate goal of delisting this species, which now numbers over 77,000 animals.”