Board of Game Meeting to be Held in Wasilla, February 8-15, 2013
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Press Release: February 4, 2013

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Board of Game Meeting to be Held in Wasilla, February 8-15, 2013

The Alaska Board of Game will meet February 8-15, 2013, in Wasilla, Alaska at the Best Western, Lake Lucille Inn, located at 1800 West Lake Lucille Drive. The board will consider over 80 proposals regarding hunting and trapping regulations for the Central/Southwest Region (Game Management Units [GMU] 9, 10, 11, 13, 14A, 14B, 16, and 17,) along with other topics.

Proposals have been submitted by the Department of Fish and Game, local Fish and Game Advisory Committees, and the general public seeking adjustments to hunting and trapping regulations in the Central/Southwest region. Issues to be addressed by the board include hunting and trapping seasons, bag limits, methods and means, permit conditions and procedures, salvage and sealing requirements, and restricted areas for hunting and trapping. Proposal are available, along with other meeting materials, at the website provided at the bottom this page.

The Board invites oral public testimony during the meeting beginning Friday, February 8, following department reports. Anyone wishing to testify before the board must sign up at the meeting location before Saturday, February 9, at 2:00 pm. Public testimony will continue until everyone who has signed up has been given the opportunity to be heard. Deliberations on the proposals will begin following public testimony and continue through the remainder of the meeting. All portions of the meeting are open to the public and a live audio stream is intended to be available on the Board of Game website at Other meeting materials, including the agenda and roadmap, can be obtained by contacting Boards Support Section at 907-465-4110 or viewed online at:

Written comments will be accepted on specific proposals for the Central/Southwest Region meeting up until the proposal is deliberated. During the meeting, written comments up to 10 pages single sided (or 5 pages double sided) in length may be submitted and individuals are requested to provide 20 copies. Individuals not attending the meeting can submit comments by fax to (907) 465-6094.

For more detailed information on proposals and the board meeting, the public is encouraged to visit the website at: