Board of Game Meetings to be Held in Sitka, January 10-15, 2013
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Press Release: January 3, 2013

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Board of Game Meetings to be Held in Sitka, January 10-15, 2013

The Alaska Board of Game will convene the Southeast Region meeting on January 11-15, 2013, in Sitka, Alaska at Harrigan Centennial Hall, located at 330 Harbor Drive. The board will consider over 40 proposals regarding hunting and trapping regulations for the Southeast region as well as other topics. Prior to this Southeast region meeting, the board will hold a one-day work session on January 10th at the same location for the purpose of hearing various reports and to address board business. Both meetings are open to the public and information is available on the Board of Game meeting information website at: Public testimony will be taken during the Southeast Region meeting only.

Proposals scheduled for the Southeast region meeting have been submitted by the Department of Fish and Game, local fish and game advisory committees, and the general public seeking adjustments to hunting and trapping regulations in the Southeast region (Game Management Units [GMU] 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Issues to be addressed by the board include hunting and trapping seasons and bag limits, methods and means, and restricted areas. Proposals to be considered by the board are available at the meeting website. In addition, the board will consider proposals for the annual reauthorization of antlerless moose hunts and resident tag fee exemptions for brown bear in Units 18, 22, 23, and 26.

The agenda for the Southeast Region meeting begins with several oral reports provided by the Department of Fish and Game, followed by a public session concerning brown bear management in Unit 4. Oral testimony is scheduled to begin after this work session. Anyone wishing to testify before the board must sign up at the meeting location before Saturday, January 12, at 2:00 pm. Public testimony will continue until everyone who has signed up has been given the opportunity to be heard. Deliberations on the proposals will begin following public testimony and continue through the remainder of the meeting.

Written comments will be accepted on specific proposals for the Southeast Region meeting up until the proposal is deliberated. Written comments up to ten pages in length may be faxed to (907) 465-6094. For more detailed information on proposals and the board meeting, the public is encouraged to visit the website at: