ADF&G Commissioner Comments on Biden Administration Initiatives
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Doug Vincent-Lang, Commissioner
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Press Release: March 26, 2021

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ADF&G Commissioner Comments on Biden Administration Initiatives

(Juneau) — Yesterday, Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Doug Vincent-Lang delivered comments on the new Biden Administration executive order on climate change and 30 by 30 (the intent to set aside 30% of land and water into protected status) initiatives. Both initiatives have significant implications for Alaska.

Regarding climate change, Vincent-Lang stated, "Any effort to address climate change needs to realize that while climate is an important factor in our management, it should not become the most important management consideration in future decisions, as other factors that can affect fish and wildlife and the landscapes they occupy may be spatially and/or temporally more important." He added, "Biological systems are indefinity complex and we simply cannot become myopic in our quest to address climate impacts."

Regarding the 30 by 30 initiative, Vincent-Lang stated in his testimony, "Any 30 by 30 effort needs to be focused on conservation, not preservation, and realize the vast amounts of land and water are already in some type of conservation status in Alaska."

With the passage of the Alaska National Interest Land Claims Act (ANILCA), Alaska not only met, but exceeded, the intent of the 30 by 30 goal in the Executive Order over 40 years ago. Currently, 137 million acres or nearly 40% of Alaska is already designated for conservation purposes. Over 65% of Alaska's Exclusive Economic Zone is closed to some or all fisheries to conserve habitat, sustain fisheries and coastal communities and protect marine mammals. Vincent-Lang stated, "We do not need more land and water set aside in Alaska. Instead, we need the rest of the nation and the world to look more like Alaska."

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