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Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus)

Mule deer can be harvested in Alaska year-round. In response to a desire to learn more about mule and white-tailed deer entering Alaska, the Board of Game made it possible for hunters to harvest those deer in Units 1, 5, 11–13, 20 and 25. In the aforementioned units there is no closed season and no bag limit. Hunters who harvest a mule deer are required to salvage the entire carcass and the department requests they provide samples to a local ADF&G office for testing. Providing specimens helps ADF&G learn more about these animals and conduct disease surveillance.

Hunters do not have to contact ADF&G prior to harvest (correction to pg. 28 of the 2019–2020 Alaska Hunting Regulation booklet), but must know salvage requirements and should understand which samples are requested.

Samples to submit:

Head, with brain intact*: Chilled, not frozen.
Heart with lungs attached: Chilled, not frozen.
Whole liver
1 Hoof
Fecal sample: 1/4 cup of pellets.

* Indicates most vital sample to submit.

ADF&G contact information by location