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Moose Hunting in Alaska

Hunting Moose in GMU 20E

RM865 moose hunting map The moose population in this area is at low density, and harvest must be managed closely to prevent an overharvest. Because the Fortymile Caribou hunt attracts additional hunters to Unit 20E, the incidental take of moose was expected to increase. We have seen a significant rise in the number of 20E moose hunters since the 2001-02 hunting season, when the caribou quota was increased. To limit moose harvest, the Alaska Board of Game decided to make most of Unit 20E a registration moose hunt, similar to the caribou registration hunt in this area, and restrict hunters to one species. In other words, when you register to hunt in the Taylor Highway/Yukon River area, you must choose to hunt either moose or caribou. These rules apply to all of Unit 20E except for the area within the Middle Fork Drainage above and including Joseph Creek. (This area requires a general harvest moose ticket.)

Alaska resident moose hunters:

  • Registration permit RM865 required; available at ADF&G offices in Fairbanks, Delta Junction and Tok and at select vendors in Eagle and Tok.
  • Season: August 24–28 and September 8–17
  • Bag limit: one bull moose
  • No quota

Nonresident moose hunters:

  • Registration permit RM865 required; available at ADF&G offices in Fairbanks, Delta Junction and Tok and at select vendors in Eagle and Tok
  • Season: September 8–17
  • Bag limit: one bull moose with 50-inch antlers or antlers with 4 or more brow tines
  • No quota

A note about reporting requirements:

Successful moose hunters are required to report within five (5) days of kill. Reports may be dropped off at the Tok Fish & Game office 24 hour a day. When hunters cannot drop off their reports, they must call the report information in AND mail the report card to the Tok Fish and Game office or file a report online at Hunters who fail to report will not be eligible to receive draw, tier II or registration permits during the next regulatory year.

GMU 20E Vehicle Restriction

RM865 Mosquito Flats Motorized Restricted Area

Notice to RM865 Hunters: The use of any motorized land vehicle greater than 1500 lbs. For hunt moose under an RM865 permit, including the transportation of hunters, their hunting gear, and/or parts of game, is prohibited from August 1 -September 30, within the portion of the Mosquito Fork of the Fortymile River drainage between, but not including, the Kechumstuk Creek drainage and the drainage of the northern tributary which flows into the Mosquito Fork at 63 54.49 N., 143 2.72 W. This restriction does not apply on the Kechumstuk Trail, the Square Lake Trail and that portion of the Mitchels Ranch Trail east of the Mosquito Fork.

Have additional questions?

Please visit the FAQs for Hunting Moose and/or Caribou in Fortymile Country.

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