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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I take a caribou in the Taylor Highway/Yukon River area, can I still hunt moose?

    Yes, but you must turn in your RC860 permit and report first. The rule of thumb here is that you can only have one permit (RC 860 or RM 865) at a time, but you may exchange one permit for the other.

  2. Can I carry the RC860 registration permit for caribou and a general harvest ticket for moose at the same time?

    Yes, but you may not hunt moose in the Taylor Highway area of unit 20e with a general harvest moose ticket. You are free to hunt moose in other areas of the state managed as general harvest areas.

  3. How much do the registration permits cost?

    Nothing, they're free! You will need a driver's license or identification card and an Alaska hunting license to get a registration permit. A driver's license or hunter's license is not required for resident hunters under age 16, however you must have either completed a basic hunter ed course or be under the direct immediate supervision of a licensed hunter who is (a) 16 years of age or older and has successfully completed a certified hunter ed course or was born on or before January 1, 1986. Hunters 16 or older and born after January 1, 1986 must have successfully completed a Certified Hunter Education course. Non-resident hunters under 16 will need an Alaska hunting license, a Certified Hunter Education card and the appropriate tags.

  4. How many registration permits are available?

    There are an unlimited number of permits. For the caribou hunts the quota applies to the number of animals taken - not to the number of hunters.

  5. Can I get a registration permit on the weekend?

    ADF&G offices are closed on the weekends, but select vendors in Tok, Eagle and Central will have permits available all week long. The Three Bears Outpost (907) 883-5370 in Tok has RC860 permits. In Eagle you can pick up RM865 and RC860 permits at the Eagle Trading Post (907-547-2220). Steese Roadhouse in Central (907) 520-5900 in Central has RC860 permits. Caribou registration permits also available online at

  6. What happens if the quota is reached on one of the caribou hunts?

    The season is closed in that hunt area. Harvest on the caribou hunts is closely monitored (this is why the reporting requirement is so strict), and if the take approaches the quota limit, an Emergency Order to close the hunt will be issued and distributed throughout the state.

  7. What happens if I'm in the field hunting when an Emergency Order is issued?

    Before an EO is issued, several factors are taken into account, including an estimate of the number of hunters still out. It's always a good idea to check with ADF&G or the Fortymile caribou hotline at 907-267-2310 for the latest information on the Fortymile caribou hunts before you go hunting.

  8. Where are the caribou?

    We get asked this question all the time. As the herd has grown and expanded its range use, it has become impossible to predict where the caribou will be during hunting season. The herd is large enough now to be scattered throughout its range in autumn from the Steese Highway to the Taylor Highway.

  9. What is the exemption for federal subsistence hunters hunting in Unit 20E?

    In Unit 20E qualified federal subsistence hunters may hunt moose with a general harvest ticket only on federal lands.

  10. I want to hunt moose and my buddy wants to hunt caribou in the Taylor Highway Area. Can we register for different species?

    Yes, each hunter can choose which hunt to register for regardless of what other members of his or her hunting party choose.

  11. How do I tell a bull caribou from a cow caribou?

    Good question, you have to look for a penis sheath on bulls and a vulva patch on females. Rack size and mane color are not reliable indicators of sex in caribou.

  12. Can I get a registration permit over the phone or on the internet? Can someone else pick up my registration permit for me?

    No you can not get a RC860/RC867 caribou registration permit over the phone but you can get them on the internet. The RM 865 moose registration permit for 20e is not available on the internet. Hunters must get their own registration permits and permits must be signed by the hunter.

Remember! We take reporting seriously! Hunters must follow reporting requirements without exception. See the Alaska Hunting Regulations for more information on registration hunts.

Fortymile Caribou Hotline
(907) 267-2310