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If you would like to receive a reprint of any scientific publication based on research conducted by the ADF&G Marine Mammal staff please contact us.

Our publications can be viewed from all years, or those in press, or you may choose a specific year from the following (most web browsers support the ability to search a list of publications by pressing Ctrl-F):


  • Beck, C. A., L. D. Rea, S. J. Iverson, J. M. Kennish, K. W. Pitcher, and B. S. Fadely. 2007. Blubber fatty acid profiles reveal regional, seasonal, age-class and sex differences in the diet of young Steller sea lions in Alaska. Marine Ecology Progress Series 338:269-280.
  • Budge, S. M., A. M. Springer, S. J. Iverson, and G. Sheffield. 2007. Fatty acid biomarkers reveal niche separation in an Arctic benthic food web. Marine Ecology Progress Series 336:305–309.
  • Call, K. A., B. S. Fadely, A. Greig, and M. J. Rehberg. 2007. At-sea and on-shore cycles of juvenile Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus) derived from satellite dive recorders: A comparison between declining and increasing populations. Deep Sea Research II. 54:298–310.
  • Dehn, L. A., G. G. Sheffield, E. H. Follmann, L. K. Duffy, D. L. Thomas, and T. M. O'Hara. 2007. Feeding ecology of phocid seals and some walruses in the Alaskan and Canadian Arctic as determined by stomach contents and stable isotope analysis. Polar Biology 30(2):167–181.
  • Frid, A., L. M. Dill, R. E. Thorne, and G. M. Blundell. 2007. Inferring prey perception of relative danger in large-scale marine systems. Evolutionary Ecology Research 9:635–649.
  • Huebinger, R. M., E. E. Jr. Louis, T. S. Gelatt, L. D. Rea, and J. W. Bickham. 2007. Characterization of eight microsatellite loci in Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus). Molecular Ecology Notes 7:1097–1099.
  • King J. C., T. S. Gelatt, G. W. Pendleton, and K. W. Pitcher. 2007. A field-based method for estimating age in free-ranging juvenile Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus). Marine Mammal Science 23(2):262–271.
  • Knoche, M. J., A. N. Powell, L. T. Quakenbush, M. J. Wooller, and L. M. Phillips. 2007. Further evidence for site fidelity to wing molt locations by king Eiders: integrating stable isotope analyses and satellite telemetry. Waterbirds 30:52–57.
  • Lowry, L., G. M. O'Corry-Crowe, and D. Goodman. 2006. Delphinapterus leucas (Cook Inlet population). In IUCN 2006: 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
  • Neale, J. C. C., R. J. Small, K. R. Schmelzer, and R. S. Tjeerdema. 2007. Blood concentrations of some persistent organohalogens in free-ranging spotted seals (Phoca largha) from Bristol Bay, Alaska. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A, 70:1776–1778.
  • Pitcher, K. W., P. Olesiuk, R. Brown, M. Lowry, S. Jeffries, J. Sease, W. Perryman, C. Stinchcomb, and L. Lowry. 2007. Abundance and distribution of the eastern North Pacific Steller sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus) population. Fishery Bulletin 107:102–115.
  • Quakenbush, L. T. 2007. Polybrominated diphenyl ether compounds in ringed, bearded, spotted, and ribbon seals from the Alaska Bering Sea. Marine Pollution Bulletin 54:226–246.
  • Rea, L. D., D. Rosen, and A. W. Trites. 2007. Utilization of stored energy reserves during fasting varies by age and season in Steller sea lions. Canadian Journal of Zoology 85:190–200.
  • Trites, A. W., D. G. Calkins, and A. J. Winship. 2007. Diets of Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus) in Southeast Alaska, 1993 to 1999. Fishery Bulletin 105:234–248.
  • Wade, P. R., L. G. Barrett-Lennard, N. A. Black, V. N. Burkanov, A. M. Burdin, J. Calambokidis, S. Cerchio, M. E. Dahlheim, J. K. B. Ford, N. A. Friday, L. W. Fritz, J. K. Jacobsen, T. R. Loughlin, C. O. Matkin, D. R. Matkin, S. C. McCluskey, A. V. Mehta, S. A. Mizroch, M. M. Muto, D. W. Rice, R. J. Small, J. M. Straley, G. R. VanBlaricom, and P. J. Clapham. 2007. Killer whales and marine mammal trends in the North Pacific: A re-examination of evidence for sequential megafauna collapse and the prey-switching hypothesis. Marine Mammal Science 23:766–802.
  • Womble, J. N., Gende, S. M., and Blundell, G. M. 2007. Dive behavior of a harbor seal (Phoca vitulina richardii) in the presence of transient killer whales (Orcinus orca) in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. Marine Mammal Science 23(1)203–208.