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If you would like to receive a reprint of any scientific publication based on research conducted by the ADF&G Marine Mammal staff please contact us.

Our publications can be viewed from all years, or those in press, or you may choose a specific year from the following (most web browsers support the ability to search a list of publications by pressing Ctrl-F):


  • Lowry, L. F., J. W. Testa, and W. Calvert. 1988. Notes on winter feeding of Crabeater and Leopard seals near the Antarctic peninsula. Polar Biology 8:475–478.
  • Schults, L. M. and Frost, K. J. 1988. Helminth parasites of Riboon seals, Phoca fasciata, in the Bering Sea and their immediate hosts. Proceedings of the Helminthology Society, Washington 55(1): 68–73.