Commercial Fishing GIS Data Downloads

Commercial Fishing Areas

The following datasets depict the current regulatory areas used for commercial fisheries management in Alaska. The individual datasets refer to different levels of management and were designed to fit within one another. For example, Registration Areas represent the highest level of management and depict the physical areas to which a vessel can be registered for each fishery across the state. Fisheries are often opened and closed at the District and/or Section level. Lastly, Statistical Areas represent the smallest scale of management and outline the physical area in which harvest data are recorded on fish tickets. In general, Registration Areas are comprised of a series of Districts, which are comprised of a series of Sections, which are comprised of a series of Statistical Areas. Registration Areas, Districts, Subdistricts, Sections and Sectors are defined in regulation; statistical areas are defined internally by the Division.

Current datasets are housed on our ADF&G Open Data site external site link. Historical areas can be downloaded as .ZIP geodatabases at the bottom of this page.

Current Areas



Tanner Crab

Historical Areas

Historical area datasets include historic boundaries only and do not include current datasets.