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  • Locate ADF&G technical reports on sport fishing, commercial fishing, or subsistence fishing activities in Alaska in a searchable database that contains these products. To access the database, type the key words relating to your search into the following fisheries online search application.
  • These and other products, such as on wildlife and habitat topics, can be reached by using the ADF&G Search Appliance (Google Search) in the upper right on each page of our website) or the Wildlife & Habitat reports on our Technical Publications page.
  • You can access ADF&G publications and other agency work products by contacting Alaska Resources Library & Information Services (ARLIS). For more on these services, see the ARLIS services page.
  • Want to browse through display racks or ask questions about what we offer? Contact the ADF&G regional or area office closest to the fish, wildlife, or habitat resources of interest to you.

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