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Drawing Hunt Permits Information
Frequently Asked Questions

Drawing Application FAQ

  1. How to apply
  2. How to apply for youth hunts
  3. Cost to apply
  4. I never seem to win, how does the draw work
  5. Does forgetting to turn in a hunt report affect my chances of drawing
  6. Can I apply for a species I drew previously
  7. Can I apply using my current hunting license
  8. How do I look up hunt information
  9. ADF&G contact hours
  10. ADF&G contact information
  11. Can I apply for a hunting license and draw permits at the same time
  12. What if my residency status is changing soon

Questions or Issues During Application Process

  1. Step by step instructions for adding a hunt to the cart
  2. How do I apply as a party?
  3. How do I see what hunts I have selected so far?
  4. How do I change the order of the hunts I have added?
  5. Having trouble applying due to application software problems?

Changes to Application, Refunds or Cancelations

  1. I have a new address
  2. Can I go next year instead
  3. Can I have someone proxy for me
  4. I wish to withdraw my application
  5. I bought the wrong hunting license
  6. Can I get a refund on my hunting license if not drawn
  7. Can I change my application

Notification of Results

  1. How and when will I be notified of the results
  2. Will I receive a permit in the mail
  3. What if I haven't received my permit in the mail yet
  4. I won, what do I do now

  1. How do I apply for drawings? Can I apply by mail? How can I get an application? I believe some drawings are internet only, but not sure which?

    Drawing applications must be done online. Supplements and applications are available online beginning November 1. Be sure to review the Drawing Permit Hunt Supplement before applying for hunts. More information is available on the front page of the drawing supplement.

  2. How to apply for youth hunts

    Youth hunts are permit hunts that are limited to a child aged 10-17 and an accompanying adult that is a licensed resident hunter 21 years of age or older. If the child is a nonresident, the accompanying adult must be a parent, stepparent, or legal guardians of the child. The bag limit counts against the bag limit of BOTH the youth and the accompanying adult. Hunter education requirements apply. To apply, enter the demographic information for the child. Youth drawing hunts are designated with the letter “Y”. Resident youth 15 years of age and younger are not required to purchase a license. The license field will require you to submit the youth’s age (e.g. AGE0013).

  3. How much does it cost to apply for a drawing permit? How many permits can I apply for?

    In addition to the cost of your hunting license, it is $5 for each hunt number you apply for in brown bear, black bear, caribou, elk, mountain goat, moose, or sheep hunts. It is $10 for each hunt number in bison and muskox hunts. You may submit up to three different hunt numbers per species on all individual and party application combined. HOWEVER, you may submit up to 6 different hunt numbers for moose, but only 3 of the 6 may be for bulls (all 6 may be for antlerless if you choose). If you are awarded a drawing permit, you are responsible for purchasing any necessary big game locking tags before you begin your hunt.

  4. I have been applying for the drawing for 25 years and have never been selected – but I know someone who has been drawn multiple times. Why have I not been drawn? Isn’t there a point system?

    Alaska uses a random drawing process to distribute hunting permits in cases where there are fewer permits than the number of hunters applying for that hunt. Each person that applies for a hunt is entered into the pool and names are selected randomly (like pulling names out of a hat). Because this year’s drawing does not use information about those that were drawn in previous years, it is possible that some people will be drawn more than others, by random luck.

  5. If I forgot to turn in my hunt report last year will that affect my chances of drawing?

    Last year, if you did not return a permit hunt report on a Drawing, Tier II, or Registration (including Tier I, Nelchina caribou), even if you claim the postal service lost your report, you will be ineligible for all permit hunts for the next regulatory year, including all drawing hunts listed in the supplement.

  6. If I was selected in the drawing for bear last year (and hunted successfully) can I apply again this year? Or for bear in a different GMU?

    If you received a drawing permit last year, you are ineligible to receive a drawing permit for the same hunt this year. If you were successful in a drawing hunt for bear last year in a 1 bear/year area, you may apply for any other bear hunt in the state. If you were successful last year in a 1 bear every 4 years hunt, you may only apply for hunts that are 1 bear/year.

  7. Is the hunting license I purchased this year valid to use on my application for hunts that occur next year?

    As long as you have a valid Alaska hunting license, you may use it to apply for hunts that occur in subsequent years; i. e. you may list this years license number on your application in November for hunts that occur next year, or even the year after.

  8. What drawing hunt number is for hunting caribou in GMU 20?

    Drawing numbers for each hunt may be found in the current drawing supplement. Hunts are organized by species, then by area. Review season dates and any additional restrictions before applying. Supplements are available online or contact the regional information center closest to you for a printed copy.

  9. What hours are regional information centers open?

    State offices are open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, with the exception of state holidays. Some offices may have different hours based on staffing levels. Contact your local office for hours. ADF&G office numbers are also printed in the front of the Alaska Hunting Regulations.

  10. How do I contact my regional information center?

    Regional office numbers are located in the front of the Alaska Hunting Regulations and also on our website.

    Region of Alaska Office Location Address Game
    Phone Number
    Region 1 -
    Douglas P.O. Box 110024
    Douglas, AK
    1–5 (907) 465-4265
    Region 2 -
    Anchorage 333 Raspberry Road
    Anchorage, AK
    6–8, 14C, & 15 (907) 267-2257
    Region 3 -
    Fairbanks 1300 College Road
    Fairbanks, AK
    12, 19–21, 24, 25, 26B, & 26C (907) 459-7206
    Region 4 -
    Palmer 1800 Glenn Highway Suite 4
    Palmer, AK
    9–11, 13, 14A, 14B, 16, & 17 (907) 746-6300
    Region 5 -
    Nome Pouch 1148
    Nome, AK
    18, 22, 23, & 26A (907) 443-2271

    Information centers can also be contacted by emailing .

    View Map of Regions and Game Management Units (PDF 1,002 kB).
  11. Can I apply for my hunting license and drawing permit at the same time?

    If you are applying at the online license store, then you can apply for your license and draw permit at the same time.

  12. I am trying to apply for a resident draw permit because I will have reached residency status by the time the permit is valid. What license do I need to purchase?

    You will need to purchase a nonresident license since at the time of purchase, you are a nonresident. After you have selected the resident drawing hunts you wish to apply for you will need to check the box "This person's residency status will be changing in the next 18 months" and select the date your residency will become effective.

  13. Step by step instructions for adding a hunt to the cart

    At the "Drawing Hunt Permits" page in the ADF&G Online Store, follow these steps:

    1. Choose a species from the "Species" dropdown menu (this will populate the "Hunt" dropdown menu below).
    2. Choose a hunt number that you wish to apply for from the "Hunt" dropdown menu.
    3. The Choice Order dropdown menu is for prioritizing which hunts you are most interested in for that species. If you happen to be selected for multiple hunts for a given species, you are only allowed to receive one draw permit for that species. Your choice order determines which permit you would receive (a choice order of 1 indicates the highest priority).
    4. Indicate whether or not you will be guided using the "Guide Type" dropdown. If you indicate you will be guided, you must enter the Guide/Kin Name as well as the Guide Confirmation Code.
    5. Fill in the remaining applicant information at the bottom of the page
      • Driver License State — Enter "none" if you do not have a driver's license.
      • Driver License Number — Required unless you enter "none" for state.
      • Hunting License Number — You must either enter a current hunting license number that you have already purchased, or add a hunting license to your cart to fulfill this requirement.
      • IBEP Number (Bowhunters) — You only need to fill this out if you are applying for a hunt that requires a bowhunter certification.
      • Muzzleloader Number — You only need to fill this out if you are applying for a hunt that requires a muzzleloader certification.
    6. If you wish to continue adding hunts, click "Save & Add Another Hunt". If you do not wish to apply for any more hunts, click "Save & Continue Shopping."
  14. How do I apply as a party?

    To apply as a party, you first have to select the species and hunt number. An option toward the bottom of the page (right above the Save buttons) will allow you to add party members. You will be presented with one of the following situations:

    • If you haven't added any other customers (or party members) yet:
      At the bottom of the page you will see an "Add Another Customer" button. Click that and enter in your party member's information, then click the Save and Return button. You will then see both yourself and your party member as a part of your application for this hunt. Once you are done entering all of the info, click one of the Save buttons.
    • If you have already added additional customers (or party members):
      At the bottom of the page, you will see a dropdown box where you can select which customer you want to apply as a party with. If you want to add a different party member, click the Add Another Customer button. If the party member is already in the dropdown box, select them in the dropdown box. You will then see both applicants on the screen. After filling out everyone's information, click one of the Save buttons.
  15. How do I see what hunts I have selected so far?

    On the page where you add draw hunts, click the button that says "Review selection for your name".

  16. How do I change the choice order for the hunts I have added?

    You will have to remove the hunts from your cart or from the “Review Selection” window and add them back with the new choice order.

  17. I am running into issues or have questions regarding the draw application process and I need help. Who can I contact?

    Please contact the regional information center in the area for which you are wanting to apply. Use the supplements to determine which Game Management Unit your hunt is in, and use the table above to determine which Regional information center manages that Game Management Unit.

  18. I have a new address or the computer picked up my old address- how can I get this corrected?

    You can edit your address online during a purchase only at the online license store beginning with the menu page. There is also the opportunity to “change address” at shopping cart or at checkout before validating your credit card. In addition the checkout page allows the item/s to be shipped to an alternate address. You can also contact your local ADF&G office for the appropriate form to request the change. All changes must be in writing with a signature from the applicant.

  19. I applied in the drawing and now cannot go. Can I go next year instead?

    Unfortunately, permits cannot be transferred to a later year. Active duty military personnel deployed to a combat zone who are unable to use their drawing permit may be re-issued a permit for the same hunt the following regulatory year. Information is available by contacting the Permit Hunt Administrator, ADF&G, Division of Wildlife Conservation, 333 Raspberry Rd, Anchorage, AK 99518-1599, or online at the Military Permit Reissue and Transfer page.

  20. I was drawn in the drawing (resident) but just had surgery. Can I have someone proxy for me?

    An Alaska resident (the beneficiary) may obtain an authorization allowing another Alaska resident (the proxy) to hunt in certain deer, moose and caribou hunts IF the beneficiary is blind, 70-percent physically disabled (a physician’s affidavit may be required), or 65 years of age or older. Proxy hunting is allowed in caribou drawing hunts. You may only proxy hunt for moose in hunts where the legal animal is any bull or antlerless moose. Antler destruction is required for both the hunter’s and the beneficiary’s animal. Contact your regional office for proxy forms and additional regulations regarding proxy hunting.

  21. I applied in the drawing and now cannot go (before the drawing deadline). I want to withdraw my application and get a refund.

    Unfortunately, application fees will not be refunded.

  22. I bought the wrong years hunting license online and also applied in the drawing. Will I be kicked out of the drawing? Can you change my hunting license to the correct year?

    You will not be kicked out of the drawing. A current year hunting license or any license issued for a later year will be valid for application purposes. Be aware that if you are drawn you must also meet all requirements at the time of the hunt (current license, big game tags, residency, etc.).

  23. If I am not drawn, can I get a refund on the hunting license?

    A refund is not permitted. It is part of the draw permit process.

  24. I made a mistake and applied for the wrong hunt/applied for too many hunts. Can I change my application?

    Changes can be made to your application prior to the end of the application period. Changes must be made in writing and signed by the applicant. Completed change request forms can be submitted by mail, fax or email (see form for addresses). Please contact your local ADF&G office to request a form.

  25. When will I know the drawing results? Will I be notified by mail? Will I only be notified if I am selected? How will I know for sure if I am not selected? Will my guide be notified?

    Results from the drawing hunt supplement will be announced the third Friday in February each year. A list of winners (who applied during the November–December application period) will be posted on this website. Successful applicants will receive either their permit or a letter from the area biologist. Only successful applicants will be notified. It is the responsibility of the hunter to contact their guide if they are a permit winner.

  26. I received an email from ADF&G informing me that I had been drawn for a hunt, but I have received nothing in the postal mail regarding a hardcopy permit. Will a hard-copy permit be mailed to me and, if so, when?

    Most successful drawing hunt applicants will receive their hard-copy permits in the mail in early July. A few exceptions exist and if you were drawn for one of those, ADF&G will contact you with additional information. Successful drawing-hunt applicants who do not receive permits by the end of July should contact the nearest Fish and Game office to request a duplicate copy of their permit.

    Successful applicants who have moved since applying should contact the nearest Fish and Game office after March 15 and before June 15 to request an address update. After June 15, draw-hunt applicants will need to wait for the USPS to forward mail or request a reprint at the nearest ADF&G office at the end of July.

  27. I saw online (or my guide told me) I was selected in the drawing but have not received anything in the mail yet.

    Not all drawing winners receive their permits in the mail. Some permits must be picked up in person from the regional office or administrative office for that hunt. Other permits require that you attend an orientation or pass a shooting proficiency test. Once these objectives are met, you will be given your permit.

    Also, be aware that individuals who have been placed on the FTR (failure to report) list are not eligible for drawing hunts. If you were placed on the list between the release of the winners list and the hunt, you are no longer eligible to use that permit.

  28. I was successful in the drawing and received my permit in the mail what do I do now?

    For residents, read over the permitting conditions at the top of your drawing permit. Each hunt has a set of conditions specific to that hunt set by the area biologist. Be sure you have a valid hunting license at the time of your hunt, along with a big game tag if required. For nonresidents, in addition to having a valid hunting license and reading the hunt conditions, you will also need a big game tag (a metal locking tag to attach to your animal at the time of harvest). These may be purchased online or at most license vendors. If you are purchasing your big game tag online, be sure to allow enough time for it to arrive by mail.