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Results for Game Management Unit 8

The following restrictions are those specific to GMU 8. Be sure to check the hunting regulations for additional state-wide hunting and trapping restrictions.

Management Areas

Kodiak Road System Management Area

  • Restriction: Deer huning is open Aug 1-Oct 31 with no restrictions;
    Nov 1-Nov 14 by bow and arrow or muzzleloader only, weapon-specific certification required;
    and Nov 16-Dec 31 for youth hunters age 10-17 by bow and arrow or muzzleloader only, weapon-specific certification and hunter education required
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  • Area Description: Unit 8, Kodiak Island north of a line from the head of Settlers Cove to Crescent Lake (57°52'N, 152°58'W) including Peregrebni Peninsula, and east of a line from the outlet of Cresent Lake to Mount Ellison Peak and from Mount Ellison Peak to Pokati Point at What Passage, and that portion of Kodiak Island east of a line from the mouth of Saltery Creek to the mouth of Elbow Creek and adjacent small islands in Chiniak Bay

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