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The following restrictions are those specific to GMU 25. Be sure to check the hunting regulations for additional state-wide hunting and trapping restrictions.

Management Areas

Dalton Highway Corridor Management Area

  • Restriction: A. The area within the Prudhoe Bay Closed Area is closed to the taking of big game; the remainder of the Dalton Highway Corridor Management Area is closed to hunting; however, big game, small game, and fur animals may be taken in the area by bow and arrow only;
    B. no motorized vehicle may be used to transport hunters, hunting gear, or parts of game, within the Dalton Highway Corridor Management Area, except that
     1. licensed highway vehicles may be used on the following designated roads:
      (1) Dalton Highway,
      (2) Bettles Winter Trail during periods when the Bureau of Land Management and the City of Bettles announce that the trail is open for winter travel,
      (3) Galbraith Lake Road from the Dalton Highway to the BLM campground at Galbraith Lake, including the gravel pit access road when the gate is open,
      (4) Toolik Lake Road, excluding the driveway to the Toolik Lake Research Facility,
      (5) the Sagavanirktok River access road two miles north of Pump Station 2, and
      (6) any constructed roadway or gravel pit within one-quarter mile of the Dalton Highway;
     2. aircraft and boats may be used;
     3. a snowmachine may be used to cross the management area from land outside the management area to access land on the other side of the management area;
    C. any hunter traveling on the Dalton Highway must stop at any check station operated by the department within the Dalton Highway Corridor Management Area
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  • Area Description: Dalton Highway Corridor Management Area: the area consists of those portions of Units 20 and 24-26 extending five miles from each side of the Dalton Highway, including the driveable surface of the Dalton Highway, from the Yukon River to the Arctic Ocean, and including the Prudhoe Bay Closed Area

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