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Results for Game Management Unit 17

The following restrictions are those specific to GMU 17. Be sure to check the hunting regulations for additional state-wide hunting and trapping restrictions.

Areas Closed to Hunting

Walrus Islands State Game Refuge Closed Area

  • Restriction: Closed to hunting; however, hunting may occur on Round Island and its adjacent waters from September 10 - October 20
  • View Map: GIF Map (111 K)    PDF Map (202 K)
  • Area Description: Unit 17 all islands and adjacent waters within one-half mile of each island in the Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary, as described in AS 16.20.092, except for those islands known as the Twins and their adjacent waters

Unit 17(B), Nonresident Closed Area

  • Restriction: Closed to taking of caribou by nonresidents
  • View Map: GIF Map (133 K)    PDF Map (605 K)
  • Area Description: Unit 17(B), Nonresident Closed Area: the following areas are closed to the taking of caribou by nonresidents in the portions extending two miles on either side of, and including, the following rivers:
    1) Nushagak River beginning at the southern Boundary of Unit 17B and extending north to the Chichitnok River, and including Harris Creek, Klutuspak Creek, King Salmon River and the Chichitnok River
    2) Mulchatna River upstream to the mouth of the Chilchitna
    3) Nuyakuk River extending west up to the falls
    4) Koktuli River up to the mouth of the Swan River, and
    5) Stuyahok River to the confluence of the North/South Forks

Controlled Use Areas

Upper Mulchatna Controlled Use Area

  • Restriction: Closed to the use of any motorized vehicle for hunting big game, including the transportation of big game hunters, their hunting gear, or parts of big game from August 1 through November 1, except that the use of an aircraft or a boat is not prohibited, and a motorized vehicle in a legally permitted hunting camp is not prohibited
  • View Map: GIF Map (137 K)    PDF Map (1,195 K)
  • Area Description: The Upper Mulchatna Controlled Use Area: the area consists of Unit 17(B)

Areas Closed to Trapping

Unit 17 Walrus Island State Game Sanctuary

  • Restriction: Closed to trapping
  • View Map: GIF Map (108 K)    PDF Map (194 K)
  • Area Description: Unit 17: all islands within the Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary as described in AS 16.20.110

Note: Changes to area restrictions for hunting and trapping by Emergency Orders may not be shown on this page. Please be sure to check the Emergency Orders page for the most current list of changes.