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Unit 15

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Game Management Unit

Map of GMU 15

View high-resolution map of Unit 15 (PDF 407 kB)

Map of GMU 15

Boundary Descriptions

GMU 15

Game Management Unit 15 consists of that portion of the Kenai Peninsula and adjacent islands draining into the Gulf of Alaska, Cook Inlet and Turnagain Arm from Gore Point to the point where longitude line 150ø 00' W. crosses the coast line of Chickaloon Bay in Turnagain Arm, including that area lying west of longitude line 150ø 00' W. to the mouth of the Russian River, thence southerly along the Chugach National Forest boundary to the upper end of Upper Russian Lake; and including the drainages into Upper Russian Lake west of the Chugach National Forest boundary;


Unit 15(A) consists of that portion of Unit 15 north of the north bank of the Kenai River and the north shore of Skilak Lake;


Unit 15(B) consists of that portion of Unit 15 south of the north bank of the Kenai River and the north shore of Skilak Lake, and north of the north bank of the Kasilof River, the north shore of Tustumena Lake, Glacier Creek, and Tustumena Glacier;


Unit 15(C) consists of the remainder of Unit 15;

Unit 15 Restrictions

Visit the Game Management Unit 15 Restrictions page.


View the regulations book entry for GMU 15 (PDF 545 kB)


For land access information see page 8 of the Hunting Regulations.


Region of Alaska Office Location Address Game
Phone Number
Region 1 -
Douglas P.O. Box 110024
Douglas, AK
1–5 (907) 465-4265
Region 2 -
Anchorage 333 Raspberry Road
Anchorage, AK
6–8, 14C, & 15 (907) 267-2257
Region 3 -
Fairbanks 1300 College Road
Fairbanks, AK
12, 19–21, 24, 25, 26B, & 26C (907) 459-7206
Region 4 -
Palmer 1800 Glenn Highway Suite 4
Palmer, AK
9–11, 13, 14A, 14B, 16, & 17 (907) 746-6300
Region 5 -
Nome Pouch 1148
Nome, AK
18, 22, 23, & 26A (907) 443-2271
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