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Traditional Muzzleloader Education Proficiency Shoot

This is a description of the Traditional Muzzleloader proficiency shoot only. It is only for students who are enrolled in a Traditional Muzzleloader Education Course. It is not for Online Muzzleloader field day students and they may not attend a traditional shoot to satisfy their Online Field Day requirement. Students taking the Traditional Course may not attend an Online Field Day to complete their course.

Live Fire Exercise:

Each student will use muzzleloader firearms, projectiles and powder provided by the department. The student can take as many practice shots as they need to feel comfortable at the 50 yard proficiency distance.

The instructor will use Leupold 100-yard target during the practice setting. NOTE: Students cannot use their practice target to pass their proficiency test.

The proficiency test must be completed on the blue 8” target provided by the instructor. Each student will choose their bullet and powder choice based on their practice session. The student will choose a shooting position; standing, kneeling, sitting, or prone and cannot have the aid of any rest. Five shots will be taken at 50 yards “off-hand.” Four of the five shots must be within an 8” circle. The instructor will be looking for a “group” not necessarily “bulls-eye” hit. All five shots should be on paper or instructor must verify that shots were indeed within the 8” circle required to pass.

Each student should print their name and date on the blue test target. After successfully completing the shooting proficiency and upon the instructor signing the target, the student may keep their target.

If the student does not successfully complete the proficiency potion of the course within one year of obtaining their Field Day Qualifier, they will be required to repeat the entire course to be certified.