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Instructor-led Muzzleloader Education Course

The Instructor-led muzzleloader education course is composed of two parts — a classroom session and a field session.

There are a few EASY steps to enroll in an Instructor-led muzzleloader education course.

  • Pick up and pay $20.00 for a muzzleloader education packet at any Fish & Game office.
  • Sign up in a log book for a course in your area. The Instructor-led course offerings are normally 8-9 hours long and typically held on a Saturday.
  • Study the material in each chapter of "Today's Muzzleloader Hunter" and then complete the chapter review questions. The chapter review questions must be completed prior to attending the classroom portion of the course led by certified volunteer instructors.
  • Attend the class date that you signed up for.
  • Certified volunteer instructors will complete a review of course material. The remainder of the course will be the field session that includes a shooting proficiency. Students will have the opportunity to shoot a variety of powder charges and bullet types. The final part of the Instructor-led course is completion of a 50-question multiple-choice written test. A portion of this course is outdoors so please dress accordingly. At the end of the course the student will take a 50 question written test and need to score 80%. All firearms, bullets, and powder will be provided by the HIT Program. No personal firearms are allowed at the Instructor-led muzzleloader education course.
  • The student must successfully complete the shooting proficiency and written test to be certified. If any portion is not successfully completed, the student must sign up to take a future course.

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