Online Course + Field Day Muzzleloader Education Course

The Online course + Field Day is composed of two parts. Each student will study the course material, take chapter reviews, and complete a written test. After successfully passing the test, you must attend an in-person Field Day. During the Field Day each student will be required to complete a live-fire proficiency shoot. It is only after completion of both parts of the course that you will receive your muzzleloader education certification.

There are a few EASY steps to enroll in an Online course + Field Day.

  1. To complete the online portion of the muzzleloader education course, you will need a device with internet access.
  2. Check the online field day course schedule to ensure that one of the field days fits into your schedule before committing to an online course. The link to the field day schedule is at the bottom of this page.
  3. Study the material online in "Today's Muzzleloader Hunter" and complete the chapter review questions. Re-study any material you may have answered incorrectly.
  4. When you have studied all the chapters, take the practice test as many times as you like (free of charge) to ensure you've mastered the course material. A different set of questions is presented each time you take the practice test.
  5. To become eligible for admittance to a mandatory Field Day, you must complete a 50-question multiple-choice written exam. There is a $34.50 charge for the online course. This fee is collected after you pass. A score of 80% is required for passing the test.
  6. Upon passing the online written test, you will receive your official Muzzleloader Education Field Day Qualifier Certificate, which contains your Field Day Qualifier Number. You will be required to present a printed copy or an electronic copy of this when you attend your class. After a one to three day waiting period, you will receive an email informing you that you can sign up online for a Field Day event in your area of Alaska. You must wait to receive this notification email before you can sign up. You will need your Field Day Qualifier number to sign up for the Field Day. The Field Day will be administered by certified volunteer instructors and will include a short discussion on "Muzzleloader Only" hunts and regulations in Alaska, safety review of powder use, range safety protocol, and a required shooting proficiency.
  7. Each student will use their own muzzleloader firearm, projectiles, and powder. Only black powder or approved black powder substitutes are allowed. Smokeless powder is NOT allowed. All powder must be in the original factory container. The proficiency shoot must be completed with a muzzleloading firearm that meets the current state requirements for big game "Muzzleloader Only" hunts. The minimum caliber is .45 and scopes are NOT permitted. Students will be allowed to use a bipod or monopod during the proficiency shoot since they are legal hunting equipment (students must provide their own shooting sticks and cannot share with another student unless they are sharing a muzzleloader).
  8. The student must successfully complete the online test, attend the field day, and complete the shooting proficiency to be certified. Students who fail the proficiency shoot and the reshoots must re-register online to attend a field day on another date. Students completing the online course do not need to re-take the online course and repay as their field day qualifier certificate is valid for 365 days after their initial online course completion date.

Additional Options for Field Day

Since Alaska is one of only a few states that offer a muzzleloader education certification course, we understand that hunters from other states or those located in remote regions of Alaska, might have difficulty attending a scheduled muzzleloader education field day in our more urban locations. In these cases, the following applies:

  • For Non-Residents: After you have successfully completed the online portion of the course, Alaska will allow a "certified proctor" in your state to conduct the shooting proficiency test for the required Field Day. A "certified proctor" will include any current NRA Instructor, NMLRA Instructor (National Muzzleloader Rifle Association), Range Safety Officer, or any active IHEA Volunteer Instructor (International Hunter Education Association). The proctor will be required to provide their current certification number to be valid. It will be your responsibility to locate a proctor in your area. You will also receive a copy of the current Alaska Game Regulations and required field day material that applies directly to hunting in Alaska with a muzzleloader. You must read and understand this material. Once you have completed the online portion of the course, please contact Kirk Lingofelt (907-267-2373) or by email to receive the required packet for your Field Day.
  • For Alaska Residents: A number of muzzleloader field days will be offered in every region of the state of Alaska throughout the year. As the need arises, additional field days can be added to the schedule, based on volunteer instructor availability and location of requests. Utilizing a "certified proctor" will only be approved on a case-by-case basis for students living in areas where a field day has not been offered. A "certified proctor" in Alaska would include any current NRA or NMLRA Instructor, Range Safety Officer, IHEA Volunteer Instructor, ADF&G employee, Wildlife Trooper, Village Public Safety Officer, or Wildlife Refuge Officer. Please contact Kirk Lingofelt (907-267-2373) or by email for more information.

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