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What is Explore Bowhunting?

Explore bowhunting instruction

Explore Bowhunting is an educational program designed to help instructors, program leaders, and educators teach students ages 11–17 the basic skills of bowhunting. It was created by the Archery Trade Association to spark interest in and passion for bowhunting in today’s youth, recognizing that through hands-on experience, students will gain confidence interacting with the natural environment, and strengthen their appreciation for wildlife and the outdoors.

The Explore Bowhunting program is part of the ADF&G Hunter Information & Training Program (H.I.T. Program). The H.I.T. Program works to develop and maintain effective training for present and future hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts, and to enable hunting and related field opportunities into the future. We offer certification courses in basic hunter, bowhunter, and muzzleloader education, and also partner with other outdoor involvement programs to offer additional opportunities. These partners include the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP), National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW), Women on Target (WOT), and the Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC).

Shot placement training

The Explore Bowhunting program can be used in:

  • Schools
  • Scouting
  • 4-H
  • Summer Camps

The Explore Bowhunting program is more than a tool to teach bowhunting, it is an engaging, hands-on, activity-based program that examines animal behavior and emphasizes the use of senses. It introduces the challenge and thrill of being close enough to hunt, photograph, or simply view wildlife.

Explore Bowhunting Curriculum Book

Explore Bowhunting Program Materials

The Explore Bowhunting program materials include:

  • Instructor Curriculum Manual
  • Anatomy Flip Chart
  • Total Set-up Equipment Booklet
  • Demonstration Equipment Kit
  • Educational Trunk

The 22 different activities within the Instructor Curriculum Manual are designed to introduce students to the knowledge and skills needed to bowhunt. The activities can be used in succession, or a single activity can be used within a lesson plan or class. The Anatomy Flip Chart illustrates six game species with flip-charts of their anatomy. The Total Set-up Equipment Booklet includes detailed drawings and explanations of each piece of equipment used for bowhunting. The Demonstration Equipment Kit and Educational Trunk are full of additional gear to help educators lead activities throughout the program. These kits are intended to assist educators by giving everyone access to affordable items needed to successfully teach the program. The program is customized for Alaska’s unique game species and hunting opportunities.

Explore Bowhunting Anatomy Flipbook
Explore Bowhunting Total Setup Booklet

Click here for a Table of Contents (PDF 369 kB) and Sample Activity (PDF 175 kB).

Instructor Workshop training

Explore Bowhunting Instructor Workshops

To become certified as an Explore Bowhunting Instructor, you will need to complete a 4-hour workshop. This workshop will provide hands-on experience with the curriculum, activities, and equipment. For upcoming workshop dates, see the ADFG Calendar of Events or contact ginamaria.smith@alaska.gov at (907) 267-2196.

Current Instructors

Activity worksheets and additional resources are available here: