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Pacific Halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis)
More Resources

General Information

International Pacific Halibut Commission: catch statistics, surveys, stock assessment, commercial catch limits, biological research, regulations, publications, and photos.

National Marine Fisheries Service: commercial catch statistics, IFQ fishery management, and regulations.

North Pacific Fishery Management Council: allocation of halibut, IFQ program, analyses of allocation and management alternatives.

Bell, F. Heward. 1981. The Pacific halibut: the resource and the fishery. Alaska Northwest Publishing Company, Anchorage. 267 pp. This is a rich source of historical and biological information by a former director of the IPHC.

Brochure “Flat Out Facts About Halibut,” from IPHC/Alaska Sea Grant.

Care of Halibut Aboard the Fishing Vessel” (Third Edition), from Alaska Sea Grant.

Marine Stewardship Council: certification of halibut fishery as sustainable.

Resources for Educators

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