Greens Creek Mine Biomonitoring Program

Greens Ck Loading Facility
Greens Creek Mine Loading Facility

The Greens Creek Mine biomonitoring program was begun in 2001 to document the health of aquatic communities in Greens Creek and Tributary Creek, and to document the abundance and taxonomic richness of existing aquatic habitats so comparisons can be made with future conditions at the monitored sites. Elements of the program have included surveys of periphyton abundance, aquatic invertebrate density and community structure, juvenile fish abundance and distribution, concentrations of select elements in fish tissues, and toxicity testing.

For more information regarding Greens Creek Mining operations and environmental studies, check out the "Related Links" and the annual Technical Reports published by Habitat for their portion of this biomonitoring program.

Sampling at Greens Creek
Sampling at Greens Creek

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