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Statewide Stocking Plan

See what fish the department plans to stock over the next 5 years.

Statewide Stocking Plan

The "Statewide Stocking Plan for Sport Fisheries, 2018" outlines the objectives as well as the numbers and locations of the sport fish stocking efforts by the state hatcheries for the next five years. Approximately 7 million fish are planned for release annually, at hundreds of locations throughout the state for improving sport fish angling opportunities. There has been considerable public input in the development of the long-term stocking plan. In addition, this program is primarily funded with angler dollars through license sales and the Federal Aid to Sport Fish Restoration (Dingell-Johnson/Wallop-Breaux) program. This document is available for public review and comment through January 30, 2018. Any changes or additions to the actions outlined in this plan will be advertised in the media for at least 10 days before they occur. It is available here online for general stocking information.

The PDF file of the plan has been divided into four parts. The introduction explains the overall direction of the program. Sections RI, RII, and RIII, outline program objectives for each of the three Division of Sport Fish management regions. Click on the appropriate link below to view the section in which you are interested.

Any comments on this plan should be sent via email to Andrew Garry at the Department of Fish and Game at: andrew.garry@alaska.gov, or mailed to:

Andrew Garry
William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery
941 N. Reeve Blvd.
Anchorage, AK 99501